Saint Petersburg, Sadovaya 128
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Full-Time Nurses

Sometimes our relatives and loved ones fall ill but we are not always able to take care of them on our own. Our company is at your service!

We will help find a visiting or live-in nurse or a nurse at hospital matching your requirements. If you want to bring care and support to your loved ones, calling a nurse is the best solution.

Our nurses have extensive experience, knowledge of medicine and relevant training. Alongside with basic care, they will render psychological support to the patient.

To save your time please call us at: +7 (812) 644-52-27

Станица Романовская
55 лет
53 года
Среднее специальное
47 лет
Среднее специальное медицинское
66 лет
Среднее техническое
Проспект Ветеранов
42 года
Площадь Восстания
65 лет
Среднее техническое
60 лет
Среднее специальное, незаконченное высшее
55 лет
Среднее техническое, Асбестовский горный техникум
Гражданский Проспект
36 лет
Среднее специальное
Гражданский Проспект
37 лет
Среднее специальное
Улица Дыбенко
35 лет
Среднее техническое
64 года
Среднее специальное
51 год
Среднее специальное, Магнитогорский торговый техникум
44 года
59 лет
Высшее, Академия имени Штиглица

If you want to hire a nurse for a period of longer than 4 hours, it is required to offer her a hot meal or provide a possibility of heating food she has brought.
Travel to the suburbs is subject to extra pay.

Please note: if there are two clients at the same time, the nurse’s charges increase by half.

Services offered:

  • monitoring of the patient’s health condition;
  • medical procedures (medication, massage, gymnastics);
  • day regimen;
  • hygiene care (change of linen);
  • cooking;
  • feeding;
  • walks.
    The nurse may live at the patient’s place or may periodically come to the patient wherever required (including to home, hospital, etc.)

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