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Cleaning Services

Keeping home or office clean and tidy is key to your comfort and good health. Unfortunately, the modern pace of life leaves very little time for that. With your time in mind, we are glad to help you with everyday domestic problems. Our specialists carry out cleaning tasks in a professional way, taking into account individual features of premises.

Our cleaning specialists use professional equipment and a wide range of detergents. Furthermore, they have an extensive experience in cleaning of premises designed for various purposes. We offer an individual cleaning schedule to keep your premises in apple-pie order.

To save your time please call us at: +7 (812) 644-52-27

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62 года
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Services offered:

  • washing of window frames;
  • dust removal from walls,
  • washing of heating batteries;
  • washing of door units;
  • dust removal from furniture and interior surfaces;
  • wet and dry wiping of illumination devices and office equipment;
  • vacuum-cleaning of carpets, floorings and soft furniture;
  • washing of wall tiles in the kitchen and toilet facilities;
  • wet wiping of kitchen ranges, hoods, fridges, dishwashers, washing machines, microwave ovens and other pieces of kitchen equipment;
  • • washing of sinks, toilets, bathtubs, showers, bidets, taps, mixers and mirrors (up to 3 m);
  • • washing of plinths;
  • • wet cleaning of floors.

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