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Saint Petersburg, Sadovaya 128
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Currently, many families use services of a professional cook who ensures that you always have tasty and wholesome food on your table for the entire family to enjoy.
Sounds interesting? We are at your service!

If you need to conduct a festive event, wedding, birthday or simply to arrange a holiday, we are happy to offer great professionals, who will please your guests with tasty food, impeccable table setting and amazing plating while the dessert will enrapture your taste-buds.

To save your time please call us at: +7 (812) 644-52-27

Улица Дыбенко
46 лет
Среднее техническое
Площадь Восстания
37 лет
Кооперативный техникум экономики, коммерции и права
66 лет
Промышленно-экономический техникум
22 года
Среднее специальное
49 лет
Среднее специальное

Services offered:

  • menu making;
  • buying of products or making of the product list;
  • table setting;
  • family banquets;
  • cooking of various dishes;
  • keeping the kitchen and domestic appliances clean and tidy, ensuring health of equipment.

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