Saint Petersburg, Sadovaya 128
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On average for 2016.

Average prices for domestic personnel in Saint Petersburg.

The prices may vary depending on qualifications and period of collaboration.

Live-in baby-sitter50 000 RUB per month
Live-in governor50 000 RUB per month
Live-in housemaid40 000 RUB per month
Baby-sitter2500 RUB per day
Governess / Governor350 RUB per hour
Governess / Governor (English speaking)500 RUB per hour
Private tutor1000 RUB per academic hour
Speech therapist1000 RUB per hour
Housemaid2500 RUB per hour
Household assistant (female)cottage 3000 RUB per job
Live-in household assistant40 000 RUB per month
Household assistant (male)40 000 RUB per month.
Personal driver40000 RUB per month (your car)
Family driver50000 per month (driver’s car)
Live-in domestic couple80000 RUB per month
Live-in nurse35000 RUB per month
Nurse174 RUB per hour (depending on complexity of the task)
Gardener40000 RUB per month
Cook50000 per month
Banquet cook3000 RUB per job
Housekeeper50000 RUB per month
House manager50000 RUB per month
Butler50000 RUB per month
House steward50000 RUB per month

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